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365 Grateful | Day 2

I woke up this morning thinking that I would be really grateful for a cup of coffee. I laid in bed with GG curled up beside me trying to will one into existence, and sure enough I soon heard the grinder going and knew that James was on it. Soon I’d have a cup of hot, steamy goodness in my hands. When it arrived I opened up my iPad to chapter six of Pride and Prejudice and tried to pick up where I had left off the night before, but my mind kept coming back again and again to this new venture, our 365 Grateful project, and as I lay there staring at the raindrops on the window, feeling GG’s wee sleeping breath on my arm, hearing the boys in the TV room with their dad finishing the Indiana Jones movie from the night previous, and sipping away on my delicious Sunday morning coffee, I realised there was SO much in my life to be grateful for. The big things, like the roof over our heads and the abundance of food in our fridge, as well as all the little thing all add up to me being a pretty lucky girl. So for today I’m celebrating the smallest of things.

Day 2. I am grateful for the beauty that comes from letting my vision blur slightly as I stare out through the raindrops on my window while counting my blessings.

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