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365 Grateful – Day 4 | Acken Studios

Day 4. Can I just say, that already my entire world is changing due to the 365 Grateful Project! In the past few days everything has been going my way – and you won’t believe this, but after months of whining and complaining about how much I was missing England, last night I got an invitation to come and shoot a wedding for a friend. Can you say, “dreams DO come true?!”

For today I am grateful for one of my favourite fruits. I adore citrus and am always so pleased that we get these jewels in the darkest days of the year. So of course I had to photograph one….but how to really show it off? Well, after pondering for a while, I thought I would take a lesson from one of my food photog heroes, Clare Barboza, who very recently taught me and a room for of other foodie/photogs how to shoot a ‘moody sandwich’.

Day 4. I am grateful for citrus – I call this, The Moody Grapefruit.


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