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OK – back online after some technical difficulties! So backing up a few days…we now return you to your regularly scheduled 365 Grateful project already in progress.

I was having one of those lazy days at home with Charlie, the kind where we both just kind of wander around the house without much purpose, both happily unproductive, when I noticed it had become quiet. Too quiet. Now you have to understand that when the house goes quiet with Charlie in it, it usually means that he is trying to plug a dog into an electrical circuit, rewire his dad’s computer, or otherwise cause an unearthly amount of chaos. Quiet means you should definitely be concerned.

However, this is how I found him. I couldn’t get to the bed for the mountains of costumes that had been strewn around, or the books that had been silently toppled off the shelves – silently?? sigh… – but there he was. silent as a ninja.

Day 5. Today I am grateful for three year old comic-book reading ninjas. Enough said.


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