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It’s frosty this morning: thick, fluffy frost that made me rub my eyes to convince myself that it hadn’t snowed. It hadn’t. But the day is dawning crisp and cold and clear and promises to be another absolutely glorious one. No rain jackets needed for school today – just mitts and hats. I don’t think that will stop GG from wearing her new “all-time-favourite” wellies though. I saw these at the shops the other day and just knew how much squealing and jumping would happen if I brought them home. So I did. And she jumped and squealed and carried on which made me smile.

As I was letting the dogs out into the frost this morning I realised she had left them on the porch in the cold, and the soft, early light was shining on them. It made me think of her wrapped up warm in her bed, tucked in tight, and again, they made me smile. So before I brought them in to thaw I snapped this image knowing it had to be added to my 365 grateful project.

Day 7. Today I am grateful for little girls. How happy they can be and what wonderful squeals they let out when they get pretty pink presents…even if it’s a pair of wellies. And how just the thought can put a smile on my face.

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