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365 Grateful – take 2. Day 8 (sort of)

OK. Here we go around again – the 365 grateful project recommences. And while I can’t promise to post a shot every single day, I’ll keep plodding through until I have at least 365 images that tell the story of my life, my loves, and all the things I am grateful for. It was New Years that kicked this back up again: it’s an easy leap to make, what with resolutions and reflections in large abundance. But there was something more this time – this year I actually just want to shoot for ME a bit more. Selfish? Perhaps. But with all of the weddings and families and commercial work I did last year, I found that the days in between saw the camera lying lonely on my desk, not where it should be – out and about, in my hands, pointed towards the personal. And really, it’s the personal that’s going to keep me inspired. Seeing my own world come to life, playing with the light in my own day-to-day, seeking the beauty around me, that’s going to increase my creativity and thus make me a better photographer for my clients as well. What is it they say? Use it or lose it?

So here goes nothing. Again.

Day 8 – the quiet times.

Today I am grateful for the quiet times. My kids are…well, crazy comes close. They’re loud, boisterous, confident, creative, and constantly on the move; my house can be a bit overwhelming at times with the three of them on the lose. But every once in a while, usually later at night, I catch them in a reflective, quiet moment: sometimes inspired by the television, or a good book, or sometimes just staring off into space. It’s rare, but when it happens, I am always grateful. This post requires 3 images as there are three of them and I am grateful for each.

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acken studios | 365grateful_0004

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