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Top 5 ways to rock your engagement photos!

It’s that time of year again! The calendar is filling up with engagement sessions – which I love! We’re always happy when a bride and groom include an engagement session in their package, this is where we really get to have fun and get to know them a bit better as a couple. It’s where we get to play as well – this is where the art begins.
So by now you’ve met and booked your photographer, you’ve had a stack of communication with them, you know and like (love?) their style, but you’ve yet to collaborate on creating artful images. We’ll often get asked, “what should we do for our engagement session?” or couples will have a rough idea in mind only, “we’d like to go to a park…” and while it’s good for your photographer to have some creative input, being armed with some helpful tips will let you take control and direct the look of the final images. Between you’re preparation and your photographer’s style and skill, you’ll be able to work together to create a fabulous result.
1. This is a really good time to glam it up…au natural of course! That is, when doing your make-up and hair, go for a look that is YOU but only slightly heavier, it shoots well and gives more definition in the photographs. The same is true with hair: a well done ‘do’ will give a polished look to the images. This goes for both of you! Often it’s the girls that go all out and the men show up with little to no preparation. Guys, treat yourselves! Get a shave, trim the coif, press the shirt – remember, these images will preserve this time in your lives, when it’s all about YOU! Trust us when we say you’ll be happier later if you’re looking back at your very best self.
2. Don’t go for the matchy-match (technical term!) when it comes to clothes, instead aim for a well coordinated palette, colours and styles that blend well together. Solid colours that coordinate shoot the best, but be sure to avoid one of you in white and one in black…those don’t make for great images. Here’s a GREAT example of coordinates that don’t look forced, just balanced and well pulled together, they give the image a more polished look:
Venice Beach Engagement Photos Acken Studios (40 of 53)
3. Also consider dressing for the “feel” of your shoot: are you going for high end glam? Soft and romantic? Fun and playful? The clothes should match the mood: sun dress and boots for fields and parks, high heels and bow ties if you’re headed downtown for cocktails, keep your settings in mind when you pick what you’ll wear. Unless of course you’re going for full juxtaposition – full formal in an abandoned warehouse would be very stylised and awesome!
acken studios | BEST OF 2013_0024
4. Bring along any fun props you’d like to incorporate: glasses, hats, fave books, umbrellas, etc: and if you want to do a ‘save the date’ it’s always fun to get a little crafty with sidewalk chalk, banners, chalkboards, etc. Of course, if that’s not your thing then tone it down and go documentary style and shoot the two of you as you are. Be sure to that your photographer is willing to allow for a couple of locals or at least a few wardrobe changes. Wardrobe string can play as much a part in the propping as actual items you bring so mix it up a bit! Park to beach, forest to urban, flats to stilettos – give yourself some options! Again see the above two images: the L.O.V.E. is sweet and quite blatant where as the ghetto-blaster in the second image is a more subtle approach to propping.
acken studios | BEST OF 2013_0040


5. HAVE FUN! You want to take your time with engagement shoots, to really connect with each other as well as with your photographer. This is the dry run before the wedding day, the chance to get completely comfortable with having a lens pointed at you for an extended period of time. Breathe, laugh, love, kiss, play the rockstar – this is, after all, all about YOU!

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