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And now we are 6 | Vancouver Kids Birthday Party Photography

This post is a wee bit late in coming…actually, a lot late! It’s funny how when something is your passion and your business, applying it to your own life seems to fall by the wayside. Following me yet? What I mean is that we LOVE photography, are passionate about our art and the beauty of telling stories through different mediums, but ask me how many albums I have of my own kids? A billion images in gazillions of folders, but printing and/or blogging them….I’ll get to it….later. Or at least that’s how it’s always been up until this year.

When we were choosing our product line for the upcoming season I fell in in L.O.V.E. with the gorgeous preservation canvases and beautiful linen bound flush-mount albums and resolved right then and there to make this the year that, in my spare time (don’t laugh), I would get around to applying the same level of dedication we offer our clients to our own life. I want my kids to have albums to look back at the way I have always loved my parents albums. I want the art on our walls to be the everyday beauty of our family’s story.

So I’m starting here, with a long overdue post. I love shooting kids birthday parties – especially those of people we love. This was an awesome party too – what’s more fun than getting mucky with paints and creating with clay?  Photographing all the action, that’s what!  Happy Birthday Tor – you’ll be 7 before we know it!

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