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Best of 2013 Round-up

WOW. What a year 2013 was! It seems like the roller coaster hit right after New Years and has kept us in perpetual motion ever since. For me, my camera has taken me to New York, Whidbey, Seattle and out to the islands around Victoria; for James, he’s been beside me for much of it and when he hasn’t, he’s been working on his amazing graphic arts – huge goal for him this past year and one that he saw realised in ways he couldn’t have ever dreamed of. It’s been a whirlwind party for sure and we have been blessed with so many amazing…let me say that again AMAZING! couples over the past 12 months. After a fantastic 2012, James and I set out to make 2013 the year we truly defined our ideal clients: we knew who we wanted to shoot and how we wanted to shoot them. We could not be happier with the decisions we made and the fact that we went with our gut from the get-go and only took on couples that we knew were a good match. We also decided to refine our style, to name it and own it and make no apologies for the kind of work we would produce. It’s a scary line to walk: to turn your back on convention and become story tellers instead, but we are so happy we did.

With 2014 upon us we’ve spent some time defining what this next year will hold – where it will take us, what we want to accomplish, and if there are ways in which we want to take an even stronger line in defining ourselves as artists. I’m starting off on the right foot with back to back trips to Toronto, Glasgow, London, and New York planned for February, a wedding in LA this summer, and a cross European 4 month excursion planned for James, myself and the kidlets in the Fall. As for the art, well, you’ll be seeing an even stronger street/photojournalism edge as we push ourselves further outside of the conventional comfort zones and reach to deliver art we can be proud of, that will tell stories the way only we can see them.

If you have a couple of minutes, grab a cuppa and join us in a recap of some of our favourite moments from this past crazy, exhilarating, fantabulous year. These are the images that define us, that we come back to over and over again, that stayed with us once the culling and editing were done and the pictures delivered. No particular order or reason, just the stuff that spoke to us. And that gorgeous soundtrack? That’s our beautiful Caitlin who produced her first album in 2013 – man, what a great year it was! Cheers to making even more dreams turn to reality for all of us in 2014!

BEST OF 2013

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