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Walk in the rays of a beautiful sun.

There are weddings – and then there are weddings. In 10 plus years, this may be one of the coolest ever: not because of all the fancy details (although the details were amazing!), and not because it was over filled with traditional ceremony – this wedding ran to its own tune and was about as DIY as a wedding can be. And for THAT, we loved it! Everything about this wedding screamed Hilary and Drew – it was in every single facet, everywhere you looked you saw them and the love that brought them to this day.  The prep and first look were held down at Paul’s Lake where Hilary and Drew have a cabin and the ceremony and following party took over an ENTIRE SKI HILL. It was…awesome. I could go on and on, but hopefully you’ll get the feel of the day in the images that follow.

To Hilary and Drew – no words. Only love.

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