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Turning 2

Through a happy set of happenstance, I ended up as a guest/spectator at a 2 year olds birthday party last weekend. I was only meant to be there for a minute or two, but I took one look at that hair and RAN – more like sprinted – to the car for my camera. As those who know me well will attest, I have a love affair with ginger hair; and I know that I carry the gene…and yet…I’ve managed to produce two gorgeous blonde boys and a beautiful brunette daughter. I’m not complaining – my crew are all pretty much stunners (if I do say so myself) – but the chance to shoot this hair colour in the grey and stormy light of that morning was something I couldn’t pass up. I don’t know these folks, they are friends of friends, thus I am so, SO thankful that they allowed me the opportunity to photograph such a special and intimate affair. I hope I get to shoot them again (and again and again) as they grow – and as that hair becomes even more glorious!family photography vancouver photosfamily photography vancouver images

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