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Photographing Photographers – Colin Clay

“Where’s Colin?” I shrieked. I was desperate to get him in front of the lens before our time at the studio was over. He laughed. “I’m standing right in front of you.” And he was. That’s Colin – he’s like the ninja of photographers: cool, silent, yet ever present. I can only imagine what he’s like at a wedding – charming and attentive one minute, invisible the next…perfection.

I fell in love with Colin’s work in the months before I met him. He lives in London, he’s a musician, and he spends a lot of time photographing the music and street scenes of his town – a winning combination be my tastes. I’m sad I only got to fire off four frames, but here are my two favs. I content myself by knowing we’ll do it again – Colin owes me a tour of the London bridges and I intend to collect when next I’m in town. CLAYMAKER PHOTOGRAPHY


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