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Photographing Photographers – Darren Beckwith

What a CRAZY couple of months it’s been: a whirlwind tour of UK and then a stopover in NYC for some food photo goodness; a total revamp of the brand; and the launch of the Photographing Photographers project! Whoooooph – no wonder my head is spinning! It’s been exhausting, but also unbelievably fulfilling. I’ve met so many amazing people and been inspired in ways I couldn’t even have imagined at this time last year.

Now the adventure really gets started! We’ve moved out of our house – made the big leap to being homeless gypsies for the next 18 months as we let the creative flow take us where it wishes. To start it off, we’re taking Photographing Photographers on the road down the West Coast from Seattle to LA. I am so excited about this project – a touring exploration into the art of portraiture using those that hate having their photos taken the most as my subjects: photographers. I hope you’ll follow along with us as we check out the different cities and learn about the lives of the photos that live there. Keep an eye out for our Kickstarter campaign launching next week – hopefully at the end of this adventure we’ll have a completed book with some beautiful portrait work as well as other rewards for our backers.

Thus to “kick” off our tour I’m posting the last of the Victoria sessions, photographer Darren Beckwith. Darren was the last one through that afternoon, and thus one of the hardest (yet most relaxed) subjects of the day. For his portrait I chose to focus on the one photography tool that lay in the studio – the portrait stool – as well as the strong ray of directional light and the cool warping effect that Darren’s glasses produced when studied up close. Thank you Darren, for being such a willing and easy going subject and thus for helping to get this project well and properly on its way.
photographing photographersdarren beckwith

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