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Photographing Photographers – Shane Deringer

I have to admit that I’ve been a fan of Shane Deringer’s photography for a few years now: his ability to capture the essence of not only his subjects but of his inherently West Coast setting is, in my humble opinion, second to none. The use of light and atmosphere give his images an ethereal, romantic feel that has as much to do with his manipulation of the environment as it does his subject matter. In short, I love his work. So you can imagine how excited I was when he walked through the studio door as one of the subjects for my Photographing Photographers sessions.

As with most photographers, Shane hates getting his picture taken, or at least he was extremely uncomfortable with being the solitary subject in this white wall series. Maybe that’s why he seemed so exposed. Or maybe it was because Shane was in a really raw place emotionally…I’m not sure what the magic formula was, but these are some of my favourite images to date. Thank you Shane, for being willing to be seen. Ultimate gratitude from one photog to another.

shane deringer

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