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Portlandian Dreams

2012 was a big year. I’m not sure why this sudden reflection has hit me, particularly as it’s already the middle of March and a new season is quickly approaching. The best I can do is to say that lately the wanderlust has set in again: the need to travel, to see, to do, to be. James and I have traveled a lot together – covered 2 continents, 4 countries, 30 something states, and innumerable cities. We’ve driven across this continent three times together, each time adding another baby and a dog. And it’s been a hell of a ride so far.

We’re planning a trip right now to drive the coast of California from Eureka to San Diego (we’ll I5 it from Portland to Cali) and we’ll spend my birthday amongst the people I love best in LA – and yes, before you ask, my birthday WILL be spent at Disneyland – a fact I have somehow miraculously kept hidden from three very inquisitive small folk.¬†Maybe it’s all the planning and sipping coffee over maps that had me thinking of Portland and our anniversary trip there last October. For me it was a return to one of my favourite towns, for James, a lifelong dream pilgrimage. Which is funny since we now live a mere 5 hours away. I also just discovered the AMAZING photo talents, Mary and Joel of Blue Window Creative. They have me dreaming of Portland again, and of the coast near Santa Cruz which we’ll see in a short month’s time.

I rarely share the personal stuff here. Maybe because my own little family is so present to me all the time that and the art that they create is so present to me – it’s the fabric of who I am so I feel it must shine through in everything else that we produce. These are our family photos from Portland and our trip to Oregon last Fall – hope you enjoy.


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