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Liz & Timal | Married!

When Liz and Timal first contacted us to shoot their wedding, I knew we were in for something special. The energy these two possess is…well, there aren’t really words, but a LOT of laughter is a good place to start. She runs her own adventure travel company and just completed her MBa, and he has just defended his PhD in neuroscience…all in the same two weeks that they got married! To say this is a wicked smart couple is an understatement! Hanging with them is just plain fun, and to do so at such a pivotal point in their lives, in such a beautiful setting as Salt Spring was AWESOME!

The wedding was just what I expected – beautiful, traditional, but laid back as well: filled with laughter, some tears and a ton of love. The best part about destination weddings – even if it’s out to the islands – is that it goes beyond the one day, and for Liz and Timal it meant a weekend with friends and family at the lovely Cedar Beach Resort. Imagine taking over a summer camp with decadent cabins and filling it with all the people you adore and you’re starting to get the picture!

This gown was so lovely and has an amazing story! Liz is now the third of her girlfriends to get married in it.

I think it should be shrined one day as a “good luck, happy marriage” talisman.

Liz needed something blue and improvised by sacrificing one of the buttons from her turquoise blouse. Perfect!

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Hastings House and included a blessing from a buddhist monk. Fabulous!

I love seeing the first time a groom sees his bride!

After the ceremony we stole a few minutes to shoot the wedding party. I officially adore this crew!

Liz and Timal were prepared for anything on their wedding day. There was no tent for the ceremony so what to do if it rained? Easy. They chose to give out umbrellas as wedding favours, leaving them in the cabins for their guests to use as needed throughout the weekend. Brilliant!

Just what I would expect from a bride that coordinates adventure travel for a career.

Time for refreshments on the porch with friends and family.

Liz’s brither was the DJ – this kid oozes style! I loved his improvised boutonniere!

Then it was time to hit the legendary SSI Farmer’s Market for more kisses and more laughs. I think Liz was the highlight of everybody’s day – most especially Timal’s.

After the day’s itinerary it was time for some down time followed by dinner back at the resort where those umbrellas came in handy!

Thankfully the skies cleared (rather dramatically!) just in time for drinks on the lawn and sunset over the lake.

The last rays of the day were so pretty – perfect time to shoot these beautiful rings.

Liz’s brother was an awesome DJ! And James and I had a blast with the Irish contingent playing their own selections – Galway Girl on repeat just makes me happy!

Timal bustin’ a move!

Liz and her girls organised a surprise dance routine for Timal. Many more laughs followed!

The night ended there for us but continued into the wee, candle lit hours for the die-hard party goers.

Liz and Timal, Thank you so much for including us in your absolutely perfect wedding weekend. What a treat it was to be there and document what I know will be just one of the many, many great adventures that the two of you take on together. Blessings to you both – and happy honeymooning…I am dizzy already trying to keep track of all that you’re getting up to. I can’t wait to see the pictures from that!

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