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I rarely get to shoot men. i’m not sure why, but whenever I put out a model call, it’s usually always women that jump to get in front of the camera – their male counterparts usually come along only in the form of a groom on the arm of his bride. But I’ve been feeling uber-inspired lately…maybe it’s Ludlow, maybe it’s the soft light that comes with my favourite time of year…who knows, but I just can’t seem to get enough of creating these days. So after photographing the absolutely beautiful Lily and Rachael, I was in search of a tougher subject: I wanted a man who had perfect facial lines, preferably a good beard, and a sense of style that would make my job just slightly easier, thus when Lily sent me a photo of her brother Will I crossed all my fingers and toes that he would be up for the game and that we’d be able to go out and snap a couple of frames. He was and it was awesome.

I find working with men much harder than women. With a woman I can read their bodies, I know how to make the slightest adjustments to get the look I need, and I’m not shy about pushing a model to give me all that she has: with a man in front of the camera it’s a totally different story. How do I sharpen the jaw? How to I broaden the shoulders? What physical attributes am I trying to bring to life? All of these things made that much harder because to get the answers I have to really, and I mean really, study someone. It usually takes me 10 minutes to find my focus – to zero in on what I want out of a person…with Will it took 20, and not because of any fault on his part, I’m just not used to looking at a male that closely, that intimately, but when it came together it was a glorious moment. Will has the fabulous beard (!), perfect facial structure, and flawless sense of style…and the ink to prove it – so that part was easy – but what else was there to see? Finally, in the soft light of the Buttercross window it hit me. Will has an old soul in his eyes and there is something about his face that speaks to an earlier time: when his face is relaxed it still looks contemplative and there is a slight furrow to his brow which makes me want to know what he’s thinking. When seen in that light it seemed to me he could have walked straight out of an American Civil War photo or seemed right at home in early Victoria dress, and yet his crisp shirt and gorgeous art work placed him out of that time and into mine. Once I latched into that, the rest was easy.

So this is Will, the talented founder and designer of friendnfoe apparel and one of Ludlow’s beautiful people. I’m so very thankful that he was willing to sit for me – and a BIG thank you to his sister Lily – you and your guy are next gorgeous!

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