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The Ackens

Vision. Stories. Joy. An enterprising gypsy and a traveling artist crossed paths one day somewhere between hither and yon: he on a search for the beautiful and the graceful, she on a quest for the adventurous and exciting. They found each other…

That’s our story, or at least the beginning of it. And from that point on we’ve been committed not only to each other, but to living a life of adventure, dreams, and above all love.


We’re a boutique business which means our clients come first and, when it comes to our products, we offer only the highest quality, hand crafted items. We’re also firm believers in the K.I.S.S. approach to everything! That’s why we keep it staggeringly simple. Our job is to give you the best possible experience, to be sure you’re having a super fun time while in front of the camera, and in the end to deliver images that you’ll love and that will make you smile for years to come.   We’re also a service based business which means that it’s the relationships with our customers that we value most. We’re committed to delivering an experience that you will remember fondly along with your wedding day. We don’t offer a ton of options and packages because we include EVERYTHING with our services. Your investment includes our time, talent, and your images delivered to you in high resolution format with exclusive rights to print or share as you like. Our specialty items include beautiful, ready to hang, archival canvases and gorgeous, hand-crafted flush-mount Story Books. Need more info? Check out our FAQ or drop us a line.

Everyone has their quirks – those little things that make them THEM. Like the fact that James knows 7 ancient languages, wore a custom made kilt at our wedding, and has all of Star Wars episode 4 committed to memory…even the sound effects. Really. Or that Danielle has a full back tattoo perfectly placed where no one can see it, worked in the music biz for years before committing to her camera, and used to have a perfect replica of the playhouse in The Secret World of Og. Want to know more? Hover over the images below to find out some little known facts about your favourite photogs!


For the love of books

We like books. A lot. We always travel with a library.

en français

Danielle dreams in French but doesn't speak it.

in the underground

Danielle's dad is from London & she considers it home.

Feeling blue

Denim is a religion for Danielle.

a musician amongst us

James plays guitar...and banjo, bodhran, whistle...

In the middle of nowhere

We lived for a year and a half in the Orkney Islands.

Good with the chicks

James is known as 'the chicken whisperer'.

tick tock

James has a collection of antique pocket-watches.


Coffee is a food group. No really, it is.

home in halifax

We got married on a tall ship in Halifax.

tripping down the road

We've driven back and forth across the country 3 times.

fiery fetish

Red shoes make an outfit better. Always.