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A Beautiful UBC Botanical Gardens Wedding

It started like any other good love story: I saw her from across the room and just knew that she was the one. From 50 feet away I knew I had to meet this girl, to understand her, and most importantly, to shoot her wedding. You see, there is something about Alyssa that is…unique – she is larger than life with an energy that fills a room, even a room filled with 1200 other brides-to-be. She is also one of the most beautiful, vivacious, funny, and intelligent women I have ever had the honour of meeting. But that’s how it should be. The relationship between bride and photographer is a complex one: there is a forced intimacy without which great storytelling is just not possible. As the official documentarian, you must blend easily with her most cherished friends and family members on what is inevitably one of the biggest and most important days of her life so far. James says it is the same between he and the groom.

And thus, we met Dan and Alyssa, fell head over heels in love with them, and yes, we shot their gorgeous wedding at the UBC Botanical Gardens. It was the last for us of the summer, the day before our holidays began, and a prelude to my favourite wedding season, Autumn. And what a way to wrap up summer! As far as weddings go, this was a masterpiece in both creation and execution. The personal touches of a great DIY wedding were all there: the library card seating cards (personalised to each and every guest, including James and I); the hand-crafted corn-hole boards reclaimed from some old doors by Alyssa; and the amazing custom vinyl album centre pieces designed by the uber-talented MOH, Maxine. The love, the laughter, and at times the lunacy were in perfect abundance: in a word, it was flawless. Set in the magical UBC Botanical Gardens (I say magical because we even had a butterfly come to visit), with a string trio that played Smashing Pumpkins, an RV as the groom’s staging hold, and a host of other innumerably cool details, it was a photographer’s dream…just as I knew it would be!

Alyssa and Dan, I don’t know what else to say besides THANK YOU! Thank you for being the perfect partners in this crazy dance between wedding couple and photographers, thank you for allowing us to share in this amazing event, and thank you for trusting us to tell your story in the best way we know how. I am as insanely proud of these images as I am to call you both friends now. So cheers! To the two of you and to many more chances to play together in the future.

Check out Dan & Alyssa’s engagement session HERE and see where all the magic began.

A Beautiful UBC Botanical Gardens Wedding


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  • TanjaAugust 22, 2013 - 12:05 am

    Waaw, such a fun looking wedding!! 🙂 I love the tunnel shots. 🙂ReplyCancel

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