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Vanessa & Geoffrey | Married!

I first met Vanessa on a train across Canada. Actually…I should back up a bit…we had connected earlier that month and gotten all the Q&A stuff out of the way. She and Geoff were on the calendar and we were looking forward to our first meeting. April found me taking a few days of quiet time en-route to Toronto for some commercial work, and, as I was sitting in the Club Car going over emails, I got a message from Vanessa looking to schedule a chat when she returned home from her work trip – she was currently on a train headed to Jasper and wouldn’t be home for a few days. Funny that…I was on a train headed for Jasper and then on to TO. Too weird to be coincidence, I sauntered up to the observation car where they were shooting a commercial and asked if there happened to be a make-up artist named Vanessa on-board. And of course there was and we met and laughed at the odds.

But it seems like every step of the way with Geoff and Vanessa has been like that – strange overlapping details that make James and I wonder how we didn’t meet them earlier and thankful to know them now. I love these two! He’s a little bit country and she’s a whole lot rock-n-roll. Together they ooze style and art and DIY perfection. James and Geoff share a passion for home-brewing – although Geoff has taken this to a master level: his Blueberry Wine was delicious, his Cranberry Port – AMAZING, and the “Apple Pie” liqueur made with home-made moonshine…there aren’t words! And Vanessa was a dream to photograph – it was fantastic to shoot someone who knew every technical term when it came to cameras, angles and lighting!

So of course their wedding was perfect! The clothes were immaculate, the setting was beautiful, and the love of family friends was in every detail of the day: from Melanie, of Burke & Hair, doing Vanessa’s gorgeous up-do to the hand wrapped bouquets to the 100 lit-up balloons that Vanessa’s brother pulled out and had all the guests pitch in to blow up. Geoff and Vanessa, thank you so much for including us in this fantastic day – we were honoured to be there, to be treated like old friends, and we can’t wait to catch up again soon!

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