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Let the games begin.

The second I met Alyssa I just knew. Knew that she was amazing. Knew that she was gorgeous and vivacious and funny and probably good at everything. Knew that I would adore her if we got to spend some time together, but more than that, I knew that I had to photograph her. There is something in Alyssa’s eyes that gleams mischief, a twinkle of mirth that is contagious to anyone she is around. I wanted very, very much to have the chance to capture that joy, to understand it, and then I met Dan and realised where the happy came from.

I love these two together. They have a chemistry between them that screams, “I LOVE THIS PERSON!” They are obviously best friends who have fun together no matter what the circumstance. And I love to photograph fun! When James and I met them in the park the laughter was instantaneous and it didn’t stop until…well, it’s still going. We had so much fun last weekend that we’re doing it again. You see these two are librarians by day, and avid gamers by night – or at least they love to hang out at a certain pub that specialises in great beer and board games, and anyone that knows us knows that when the words ‘books, beer, and boardgames’ are put together in any kind of context we have to be there. And I can’t wait! Counting the hours now until the conversation and the laughter continues – and I can’t even tell you how fabulous the upcoming wedding day is going to be! All I can tell you is that we’ll be there, and for that we are very, very happy!

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